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Website translation – The advantages of using professionals are often underestimated

Many website owners often underestimate the effectiveness of having the website translated. However, for Linguapoly the benefits of website translation are obvious. On the one hand one can increase previous traffic significantly by having a website translated from German to English as without translation only German speakers will find the site on the search engines.

Is the free of charge translation software offered on the Internet really effective?

I am sure that at some point you have tried out one of the many free website translation software providers on the Internet. At the end of the day these sites are funded through a lot of advertising. The world’s most commonly used search engine also offers free web page translation. It is usually private users who make use of these free Internet webpage translation services. Usually they want a fast English or French translation of a German website. Some of them manage quite well with this service. But by and large these translations are only suitable for personal use even if some tests show that they can produce quite good style and grammar. If one wants to display a professional website one should make use of professionals for website translation as we do at Linguapoly.

The importance of professional website translations

Particularly in the case of Internet sites provided by official authorities, companies and associations the demands placed upon a correct and error-free translation are high. For example, the translations must not cause any legal infringements and stand the test of legal checking. This simple example demonstrates the high importance which should be attached to correct, error-free translation of web pages. In almost every free web page translation on the Internet which has been done using software, experience has shown that usually later a reworking of the text or checking is required. This means repeated and unnecessary work. But the disadvantages listed here are not the only ones which can accompany a free website translation. An incorrect page of a website results in a small loss of image for an authority or a company.

The advantages of using professional translators

For companies and authorities who attach great importance to competent and correct web pages, the company, Linguapoly, offers high-quality professional translation of web pages. In addition the company offers the magnificent opportunity of translating the website which is not only linguistically perfect but which shows the particular specialist expertise and comprehension of the topic. Thus the client can be assured that in addition to website translation, the correct terminology is 100% on target. The website translations offered by Linguapoly allow the company to choose form up to 40 languages, for example, important languages such as English, Spanish, French or Polish. In any case the company requiring website translation should not just focus on the financial perspective. It is more important that the website and the professional translations focus on the clients and the corresponding target groups of the company.