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How do you recognize a good translation agency

If you are looking for a translation agency and type in the search term “translator agency” you will be flooded with hits. You will find links to online translation services, a local translation agency, perhaps one that offers only certain language combinations or an agency that offers world-wide services. How can you determine which agency is the right one for you? Of course it is important to know what you really need. The main differentiation here is between personal and business- related texts.

Translation for personal needs

For the translation of a letter it is certainly sufficient to contact a translator who works on the side, as a hobby, and can offer less expensive services. For a personal letter to international family it is certainly not an expectation that a perfect text arrives or that the sender spent a lot of money for professional services of a translation agency. It’s a different story if you need certified official documents (marriage-, or other certificates) or if you want to apply for a job in a foreign country and want to compose an application that catches your prospective employers eye.

In those cases it is advisable to contact a professional translation agency; in addition most of the agencies can also certify your documents by notary public, if needed, and you can save precious time.

Translations for business

It’s the same if you need a translation agency for a business-related interactions. In that case your biggest priority should be to appear professional. Especially for business-related communication or contracts it is important that they are translated as timely as possible. A translation agency can definitely respond faster than a small outfit around the corner or the university student. In addition, a good translation agency offers not only the translation itself, but it is a matter of course that the work is checked for mistakes by another person, to ensure that everything is accurate.

And you can also trust that an established translation agency will not suddenly disappear the way a private translator may. A long lasting working relationship with a translation agency is particularly recommended for business related work, because then you can be sure that the technical language is used consistently and good work dependably delivered.