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Translation tools

Modern translation agencies such as Linguapoly employ a variety of translators to deal with the various target languages. For as long as translation tools work only with letters and words (and are not able to think for themselves, comprehend content or establish a relationship with each other), this will not change.

However, the ability to work hand-in-hand with the latest translation technology is becoming increasingly important. Customers expect rapid, excellent quality translations at a low price. In such a highly competitive market, translation agencies would be well advised not to lose sight of these customer requirements and apply the necessary modern technological tools currently available.

At Linguapoly, we have at our disposal all the latest technological options for guaranteeing the best-possible results at an affordable price. Quality assurance tools are available for checking text quality, while CAT tools are useful in the translation itself.

Any count can be used to count units in texts; alternatively, the specific functions in CAT tools such as SDL Trados, Transit and Across do much the same. This allows the project manager to evaluate and process even large projects quickly.

Terminology management systems such as Multiterm, TermStar and CrossTerm allow us to check term consistency throughout the text, while Xbench, LTB and QA-checker check for mismatches in style.

As in many fields, there is a definite trend towards using web applications in translation tools as well. Systems run on a web server and the program window is located within the browser. This is advantageous because applications no longer rely on the client processor or operating system.

These web-based tools can be used on any Internet-enabled computer, regardless of whether they run Windows, Linux or Mac systems. Invaluable, as one Linguapoly emloyee put it. Translators come from a wide variety of fields and therefore have a wide variety of operating systems. We at Linguapoly believe that applications that run independently of the operating system cannot be rated highly enough.

Different applications are also aimed at different target groups. Some are intended exclusively for translation agencies; others offer various project management functions and yet others are used for more general purposes, such as XTM Cloud or WordBree.

Translators are therefore no longer limited to a particular hardware or software platform: some applications, such as OmegaT, are programmed in Java and run on Windows as well as Linux and Mac systems.

In future, customers will start using these kinds of tools more and more in order to evaluate and check the translator’s work. We at Linguapoly are already well prepared.