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Dr. Nardina Alongi

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Bild von Frauke Seebass Despite being an out and out professional, Nardina is always up for a laugh and helpful and understanding at all times. I am grateful for all the experience I gained working with her and Peter and I am looking forward to staying part of the family for many years to come!Frauke Seebass – Translator
Bild von Martina Pinzan Flexible company, you feel you are part of a team, the management never lets you down. There is always someone to listen and this comes from the heart. Payment is on time, I really enjoy working with this company,Martina Pinzan – Translator
Bild von Kim Spijker In the last 18 months I have done a fair amount of varied translation and proofreading jobs for Linguapoly to great satisfaction of both myself and Nardina. There is an understanding relationship between Linguapoly and the translator, even with last minute rush jobs Nardina always tries to buy me a little more time in order to ensure the quality of the translation. G-K is professional in their payments and working ethics. I hope to continue our pleasant working relationship when G-K continues to grow.Kim Spijker – Translator

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We have assembled employees from all over the world in order to guarantee a rapid translation service. They are available all day, every day, throughout the year, so that we can deliver the finished product to our clients on time. Our employees have an excellent command of several languages as well as specialist knowledge in various disciplines, allowing them to make full use of their qualifications, education and experience. This is the only way to make sure that our clients are provided with a properly translated, accurate medical, legal, technical or marketing text. Translators must be able to avoid a literal rendering of the source material and instead create what is effectively a new text. To do so, they should preserve the original meaning of the source text within the style and modes of expression of the target language.By translating only into their native language, the translator instinctively ensures that the writing sounds fluid and natural. Machine translation cannot do this, which is why a proper translation can only be crafted by a person with the skills outlined above.In the following section, we have put together our employees’ particular qualifications. The examples given here are, however, not exceptions – they are examples of exceptional talent