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Dr. Nardina Alongi

Tel.: +49-89-72609739

How it works

Placing an order for document translation is pretty straightforward. Simply follow the steps below and you will receive the relevant price information within just a few minutes. The translated documents will be yours a short time later.

Point A: Source language and target language

Please give details about the source language of the text and the target language for the translation. Please also provide the subject field so that we can select the right translator for the job, for example “technology” or “medicine”. Also, let us know whether you would like the document to be certified and what country the certification will apply.

Point B: Sending the text

You can send us your documents in the usual formats: JPEG, TIF, docx, doc, PDF, etc. Please note that word counts are not possible in TIF, JPEG and PDF formats. For these files, we will charge for the number of words in the target language; in all other files we charge for word number in the source language. Shortly after sending a document you will receive a quote and some information about the expected delivery time. Please note, once again that you pay exclusively for the translation(s); there are no other additional charges. However, a minimum charge is applicable.

Point C: Contact details

Please enter your contact details at this point. For a translation only, we simply need your e-mail address as well as your name and confirmation that you have read our Terms & Conditions.

Point D: Payment details Details are required here if you are paying by PayPal. We have no access to these details or any way of using or storing them.

Conclusion: After completion of your order, it will be processed immediately. Rest assured our standard deliver will be within the stated deadline. The translation will be sent to the e-mail address given in Point C.

We will also send the order confirmation and invoice to this address. For further information, please contact us at:

Telefon: +49 (0)72609739 E-Mail: