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Dr. Nardina Alongi

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Company Agreement

A basic contract allows you to manage your costs

We offer companies and organizations the opportunity to secure our service provision at any time with a straightforward basic contract that helps keep costs under control. This contract offers various advantages, such as a monthly collective invoice rather than advance payments.

As a company client with a basic contract, you will benefit from personal contact with our service department. You can process orders directly into our system, thereby avoiding the usual email traffic. We believe that our mail system is totally secure, but this direct connection adds an extra layer of security.

As contract customers, you will also benefit from special services. Your documents are assigned to a set of translators who know your requirements and house style. A glossary will also be created, so that any specifically requested terminology is used in each translation. These are all important factors when it comes to impressing your customers and suppliers with good translations. Ultimately, you will be judged on the impression you create through your correspondence.

So it does make a difference which agency you choose for your translations and it would be a mistake to select at random. It is best to look out for EN certification, among other things, when making your choice. Certification of this type involves a great deal of time and money. This investment is only made by translation services that put actual value on quality – such as Linguapoly.