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Dr. Nardina Alongi

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About us

Two things are vital for a perfect Internet presence: speed and quality

You have a perfect product and you are confident of its quality. But in order to market this product internationally, you need a translation service that will help you introduce your goods to the world in a professional manner. There are plenty of companies to choose from in the translation field – but even if you only focus on the best, selecting the right service is essential for the success of your venture, as they may specialize in many different disciplines.

First you must decide which criteria are most important to you and which are perhaps a lesser priority (irrespective of the fact that they’re all important). How important is quality to you? Is the speed of the translation your main concern? What about confidentiality – is that guaranteed?

Why us?

Our large number of satisfied customers proves our ability to deliver the highest quality. We also ensure that you will receive expert translations in the desired style and format and we can assure you of the fastest possible processing. However, we do admit to prioritizing quality over speed. As our customer, you will only receive the translation once it has been has been checked for absolute perfection. Quality in combination with speed is the recipe for our success.

Why us?

We see ourselves not only as your partner for presentations, but also your task force for translation. Do you receive e-mails from your customers in foreign languages? Simply forward them to us and the translation will be in your inbox within the shortest possible time. Then you can work on the enquiry and send us your reply, which we will in turn translate back into the foreign language. This way we can help you deal with your customer queries professionally and quickly in a foreign language. We even go one step further: if you provide us with a company email account, we will send the translated answer there and you will receive a copy.

Why us?

Collaboration with a translation agency requires absolute trust. The quality of a translation may be difficult for you to evaluate as you may not speak the language. One of the few options is to carry out a control translation, which is, however, both expensive and time-consuming. In addition to perfect translations, we guarantee complete confidentiality in both external and internal matters. 

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