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Reference Tools

With these links you can access free dictionaries and reference tools to many European languages, but also other languages our planet. The translations are, by almost all the links, available from the source foreign language to German as well as from German to the various foreign languages. Useful links for monolingual lexica and reference tools for specific areas of expertise can also be found here.



an index of English abbreviations

Emphasis in English, also has an acoustic function to listen to the English pronunciation, translates terms from English to German, Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish, monolingual rewriting of many English terms, search function for areas of expertise.

Online-dictionary German-Arabic, Arabic-German, English-Arabic, Arabic-English

Building specialty dictionary English-German

Contains dictionaries and German grammar and a program for checking Grammar (changes according to the reformation in August 2006 have been included), 250,000 entries in the dictionary.

Chinese-German dictionary for the Deutsch-Chinese-Association Hamburg    


German dictionary for specialty terms from the area for computers, Internet and telecommunications.

A list of links of dictionaries and glossaries with emphasis in Portuguese.

English dictionary – The collection of terminology to many further European languages are continuously expanded.

English-Estonian Online-dictionary

German-Hungarian Online-dictionary

Dictionary from the Technical University of Chemnitz for English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Cambridge English – English dictionary, quite extensive, with idioms

Arabic dictionary in combination with German, English, French, Turkish

Dictionary for German, Spanish and English, also contains the language pair English -Spanish / Spanish – English

Comprehensive German reference tool – entered terms are searched for in standard Duden texts as in abbreviations, grammar, foreign words dictionary, universal dictionary, synonym dictionary, etc. – includes downloadable toolbar and enables text spell checker.

English – Chinese medical dictionary

Food dictionary to translate food ingredients, food products, etc. in various languages. (Main page) (German page)  

The program supports the translation of 69 in 73 languages. The translation of terms can be chosen by source and target language. It is based on 265 online dictionaries, which can be chosen from a menu. With ‘Translate Now’ you can quickly access 28 translation tools for a machine translation of sentences.

Food lexicon English – German

Glossary with over 5000 terms from the world of finance in the German, English, French and Italian languages

A list of links to online dictionaries in east European languages

Inter-active terminology for Europe with approximately 1.4 million entries. The terminology database for the EU encompasses all 23 official languages from Bulgarian to Swedish as well as Latin. One can search for terms, abbreviations or “all”, a filtering for particular area of expertise is possible. Also offered is a translation from one source language to various target languages.

Dictionary German – English for banking and finance from Winfried Honig

Specialized lexica in building English-German, German-English currently with approx. 8,500 words

Comprehensive dictionary created by the Technical University of Munich: English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian

Offers language portals for Italian, English, French and Spanish

Chinese-English dictionary

Dictionary Marketing English

Monolingual Italian dictionary for engineering and computer science, also contains translations to many English terms and abbreviations which are used in programming and navigation of the Internet.

Merriam-Webster English-English dictionary, quite comprehensive with thesaurus and special section for medical terms, also contains a conversion table for lengths and weights:

further sections of the Merriam-Webster: Spanish – English

Turkish dictionary

Turkish-English dictionary

Dutch dictionary

The program is based on approx. 700 common English language specialty dictionaries. Once a word is entered, an explanation or description is searched for in all dictionaries (i.e. in Money Glossary, Science and Biotechnology, Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing). The area “Find translations” is linked with various other online dictionaries.

Online dictionaries for oil and gas in the languages English, Russian, Italian and French with text references

The language portal for English, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Turkish and Latin

Dictionary for French, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Hebrew and Japanese

List of links to Polish dictionaries

List of links to Russian dictionaries

Online specialized dictionaries English-Spanish, Spanish-English finance, further links to English-Spanish glossaries, abbreviations index, etc.

Russian dictionary in combination with German, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French

Online dictionary English – Twi (Language of the Akan in Ghana)

German-Belarusian language guide, grammar and dictionary

Langenscheidt dictionary English, French, Spanish, Turkish and Wahrig German grammar / Bertelmann dictionary in the German language

online dictionary English – Ga (Language of the Ga in Ghana)

This page contains links to dictionaries for most of the world languages. The emphasis is in English. Also accessible are German dictionaries (i.e. German – Hungarian, Indonesian – German) as well as German-English specialized dictionaries for example building, landfill technology. Also various German lexica among other things in medicine and health, insurance, law are directly linked with this page.

Glossary and Terminology-Database

Glossary Spanish-English-Italian in the subject of leather

Terminology database “bistro” from EURAC, Institute for Specialized Communication and Multilingualism, legal terminology German and Italian

Terminology database of the EU (IATE=Inter-Active Terminology for Europe) for all EU-Languages for all social, finance, legal and political fields in the EU

Collection of thesis terminology from the University of Applied Sciences Cologne in various specialized fields with entries in German, English, French and Spanish

Terminology database of the IWF (International Monetary Fund) German-English-Spanish-French-Portuguese: The database contains words, idioms as well as institutional titles and functions, commonly found in IWF documents in the fields of money and banking, public finance, balance of payments as well as financial growth.

extensive and easy to use terminology database from the ITU - International Telecommunication Union – in English, French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese

English-Chinese glossary „Legal Terms“

Online-Lexicon of conference technology – for conference interpreters

COMPARA: Database English-Portuguese, Portuguese-English, the text body available in both languages for search terms

Glossary in oil and gas in English, Russian, Italian, French, German

Glossary travel vehicles en-ge/en-ge in: living languages, Bd. 55, volume 1, pg. 139ff

French glossary specialized in computer sciences

German terminology portal with links to terminology databases, current, extensive, very informative

The terminology database in the language services of the German Bundestag offers parlamentary and political terminology in English and French. Further specialized fields, as in finance, Law or environment, are also included. German-English, German-French, English-German, French-German

United Nations Multilingual Terminologie Database

UNTERM – United Nations Multilingual Terminology Database Terminology database in the United Nations in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic

Multilingual glossary medical terminology in English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese

Terminology database of the Institute for translation studies at the University of Innsbruck:

Collection of thesis terminology from students at the institute. It currently consists of (June 2010) 211 works with almost 27,000 two or multilingual entries in various topics currently consisting of 25 specialized fields in German and one (or more) of the following foreign