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Quality Assurance

In translation, it is vital to choose the right team members for a particular job. The translator’s understanding of his or her native language, combined with relevant specialist knowledge and general familiarity with the target country and language are prerequisites for a great result. The basic requirement for joining our team of translators is an excellent command of the language in question and sound knowledge of several fields. That’s how we are able to ensure first-class quality for special translations.

The details you provide will be a determining factor in our selection process: the specific field will help us make our decision about whom to entrust with your translation. Law, logistics, medicine, finances, marketing and many other specialist areas are possible. We have excellent translators under contract, who also work as doctors, engineers, economists or lawyers in many different languages. Newly affiliated translators must undergo a quality check regarding their professional experience, education and working methods.

Furthermore, we expect to be provided with proof of their expertise in terms of previous long-term, first-class results. Only those meeting these criteria will be accepted into our translator team. Once accepted onto the team, translators must continue to demonstrate an equally high level.

By means of several control mechanisms, we ensure that our translators continue to deliver faultless translations within the agreed time-frames. This is necessary so that you can be confident in our adherence to delivery dates and quality.

With translations, there are no set formulas to evaluate a piece. Translated text and documents should convey both style and character, whilst also reflecting the original sense, purpose and impressions of the original. This is why the quality of translations is difficult to judge. Ultimately, it is only possible through thorough checking, which we do regularly.

Essentially, translators must not make any changes or improvements to the texts to be translated. A perfect translation is a precise reflection of the original text in a different language. Therefore, translations are always also challenges in which the underlying meaning and sense of a document must be translated alongside the linguistic content.

Only those who succeed in conveying a particular meaning can be said to have delivered a perfect job. To do so, the translator must have very good knowledge of the specialist area as well as the source language. And, of course, s/he must be perfectly versed in the relevant native language into which the text will be translated.

We can guarantee all this!