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Website creation

It may come as a surprise to some people, but the most important aspect of creating a website is the content. There is little sense in publishing a website just because you have one; instead, the crucial question is: is anyone interested in what you want to publish? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you should think about planning a website.

With regard to website design, it is important to consider your target readership beforehand – it really does make a big difference whether you are selling something, talking about your hobby or wanting to give readers tips about something. A sculptor will have a totally different focus than someone who wants run an agony aunt page, for example. It is therefore understandable that content comes first and foremost.

A clear website structure is also essential. Internet users are fundamentally impatient – the next website with similar content is only a few clicks away. If you have to spend a long time looking for what you want, you will almost certainly start to tire and move on to the next site. It is therefore particularly important to create an organized site structure so that your visitor is able to locate the desired information quickly and easily.

An excellent way of organizing your structure is a hierarchy chart, something that we at Linguapoly use regularly. It classifies content and establishes coherency, which is then implemented as the website is built. This then creates orientation aids, which become increasingly significant as the website develops.

However, it’s important to consider what might come next when creating your site i.e. at what point in the future there may be changes or additions to the content, how the pages should later be linked and whether they are well-balanced or need to be grouped into a certain category.

This demonstrates that a meticulous approach is required when creating a website – not a haphazard hit-and-miss affair, but rather a job for experts such as those at Linguapoly.