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A new age

In machine translation, the advantages are obvious and are explained in detail in the following passages. Ever since the 1950’s machine translation has developed; the text is translated by a computer without human intervention. But what are the benefits of machine translation?

The advantages of machine translation

On the one hand, machine translation increases the productivity of human translation with respect to the translation process. The software provided by Linguapoly  enables us to deliver informative translations of texts which are only revised by a human a translator. So you can use the wonderful opportunity to save 50% on machine translations. But the machine translation does not only replace phrases or single words, it is a process of selection and compensation and combination avoid creation of a new text.

In machine translation provided by Linguapoly you save not only because it is 50 per cent cheaper than human translation, global customers also benefit from this simple provision, thereby improving customer service and customer satisfaction. It offers a quick multilingual support tool for the support and for the service of existing customers. In addition, the cooperation of employees is improved because foreign language communications, such as in the form of documents or e-mails due to the generally rough translation can be made intelligible.

Using the professional machine translation of Linguapoly you can translate documents, such as manuals, specialized articles or product problems also much faster. Especially for the modern office generation the integration of machine translation into the existing software configuration is advantageous. It is a useful tool, especially in the wake of cross-border communication.

The approach to machine translation

Machine translation is becoming increasingly popular because it is a logical development for the optimization of translation processes. However, to use machine translation, if it is not available yet, the appropriate terminology must be feed in. Moreover, at some point a new source text must be drafted based creation and targeted development or revision of the original text is so not happen unique or complicated passages. The company Linguapoly offers machine translation software with a corresponding post-editing by a professional translator. Thus you will be guaranteed 100 per cent, that the translation is also proper both in style and content properly. The existing reports of companies who use machine translation professionally have shown clearly that one can achieve a very high savings of up to 50 per cent.

Is the myth true: Machine translations just do not work?

In this content, a clear ‘no’ is the answer to the question regarding the improvement of the consistency of machine translation as well as the productivity of human translators. Eventually, a new source text has to be translated for a project. Even if you work in a high-tech global environment, one would certainly find a percentage of passages where no match has been found form previous translation. The machine translation always makes a proposal thus avoiding the need for a new translation. Surely you’ve already seen that many translations are easily edited or even rewritten. In machine-generated translation you can assume that a very high percentage of the text will be perfect, this is especially true for headings, captions, or brief instructions. Furthermore key terms are translated consistently and correctly. It has so many advantages if you order a post-edited machine translation from Linguapoly.