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Legal advice – more important today than ever

In today’s world, which is increasingly feeling the impact of modern technologies, laws determines in one way or another our lives. Unfortunately these laws are often complex and at times not formulated in a clear manner. The wrong interpretation or misunderstanding of these laws does not protect you from the consequences. We offer you our support based on our expertise and experience when you have problems with IT provisions. It is of no consequence if you are a company or an end user.

General Terms and conditions – also in the Internet?

Naturally, General Terms and Conditions (GTC) also apply to agreements in the worldwide web. And it is important that these can stand up to any kind of examination. This is where we come in. We draft the General Terms and Conditions according to your requirements which are legally consistent in both form and content. Furthermore, a lawyer examines the text before it leaves our company offices. We recommend that the owner creates a link to the General Terms and Conditions on the website. In this way you avoid any accusations from the “small print“.

The Copyright of Third Parties is Inviolable

When something new is created, for example, a piece of music or a film, the artist has the right to profit from the use of this intellectual property. At the speed with which such “works” are downloaded from the Internet, it is important to take legal steps against such theft. We have the experience here and can help to ensure that your rights are respected. From the necessary legal consultation through the required professional letters requesting payment to court proceedings, should it come to this.


Order is a must – also in the age of modern information technologies

All documents which are of a legal nature are subject to legal provisions in terms of the period for which they are to be retained. Here it is easy to lose track of things. Additionally, losing them can have fatal consequences for you. But that does not have to be the case. We can help you set up a special file “Legal Documents“. With a detailed structure it contains all such documents containing the periods for which they should be retained and the location where the original is filed.

The Internet – a legal free for all?

One can hardly imagine a world today without the Internet. Unfortunately this diversity has become the stomping ground of many black sheep. On account of the anonymity of the worldwide net they try to use tricks to scam the user. There is no Internet legislation in its own right. For this very reason in-depth legal knowledge is indispensable in regard to the Internet. If you have a problem in such matters – we are certain that we can provide you with the valuable assistance to find the solution.