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Technical Translation

A simple letter, a business-related email, these you can easily and quickly translate into a different language yourself or with a minimal amount of help. But what to do when you need a technical translation? The rule is: technical translations are not equal to technical translations. The different subject matters cover so many topics that problems can quickly arise. The automobile-, finance-, engineering- and tourist industries, insurance business or medicine; these are all areas in which a very different technical language is used. It is tedious to acquire the necessary knowledge on your own. To find a single translator who can cover all of these subject areas is simply impossible.

The right contact person for technical translations

Of course it is possible to rely on one translator who can handle technical translations in one particular field. But what happens if the translator is not available for an important phase of a project, for example when a business deal is being closed? A situation like that can easily make big waves, in the worst case, even make an unprofessional impression with the customer and thereby foil a deal. Anyone who wants to play it safe with technical translations should consult a translation agency.

The advantages of a translation agency

A truly professional translation agency guarantees the speedy processing of technical translations, the meeting of agreed-upon deadlines and good quality. This is only possible with a team you can fully and completely rely on. Translation agencies usually provide a large pool of various translators with different areas of expertise, mostly natives of the mother tongue. There are expert translators who translate within the medical field, and those that are most knowledgeable in technical fields.

Since the translation agency can find the right expert translator for specialized translations of any kind, you don’t have to start a tedious search for the appropriate translator. An additional advantage of using a translation agency is that more than one combination of languages is offered. It is therefore possible to “service” several customers with one translation agency. Be it the customer from Spain, who urgently needs a contract translated or an Italian customer, who needs a user manual for his newly acquired piece of equipment. Technical translations by a translation agency give customers the opportunity to approach their clients or potential customers professionally and with flexibility.